iPhone Utilities for your Mac or PC

I stumbled upon a couple of really good iPhone utilities for the Mac and PC from MacroplantiPhone Explorer and Phone Disk.  These apps allow you to see what is on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad – pretty cool.  They’re not quite as useful if the device isn’t jail-broken, but they’re still useful.

iPhoneExplorer PhoneDisk

For example, they will both allow you view the app and media files that are on your device.  They both allow you to copy files to and from your device as well.  iPhone Explorer allows you to see all the files related to your apps as well while Phone Disk allows you to delete files on your device.  iPhone Explorer provides a custom UI for viewing the contents whereas Phone Disk mounts the device as a disk, just like a USB flash drive.

Macroplant provides iPhone Explorer free of charge, while normally they charge for Phone Disk.  Until December 2010, however, they are offering it for free.